Welcome to the Parents section!

  • Young Woods FamilyIn Providence Public Schools, we believe schools should be welcoming and students and families will have a voice in their child’s education. Engagement is essential for success, and that requires two-way communication and proactive outreach to families. We work together and aim to make all engagement authentic, and further, impactful on school culture. including taking an assetbased, anti-racist approach when working and collaborating with our families and community. Schools, the District, and RIDE will take an active role in informing families and caregivers, the strongest advocates for their children, of their rights and responsibilities. Transparency is fundamental to engaging students and families; by providing clear and accessible information in a culturally responsive manner, we will ensure a high level of engagement in our schools. 

    Parent Organizations

    School-based decision-making is the responsibility of the school and we value the families input into this process. To that end, many schools have developed Parent Teacher Organizations or Parent Advisory Councils. Please see the list below to find your school and learn about how to become more involved in your school community: