• Welcome to the Providence Schools Guest Wireless Network

    Providence Schools is pleased to provide an open access wireless service as a convenience to our visitors while in our schools.


    Please note the following: Access to the Providence Schools Guest Wireless Network is provided at the discretion of Providence Schools and may be revoked at any time without prior notice. The Providence Schools Guest Wireless Network is not a secure network. Other users can potentially intercept any information you send and receive. Use of encryption is strongly recommended for sensitive or private information, including passwords. User of the Providence Schools Guest Wireless Network are rate-limited and are prevented from communicating to our internal network and to each other. If you need any internal communication device in the school, we recommend login into one of our workstations. Your network traffic is always monitored at all times as part of the Providence Schools normal network management processes. You are also subject to the Providence Schools Policy on Acceptable Use of Internet.



    Youtube.com secure connections are currently being decrypted in our district to properly filter inappropriate videos and pages. You will not be able to connect to Youtube.com unless you install our web device certificate (follow the instructions below).

    If you do not want to install the certificate, please click here.


    For Mobile Devices  For Mobile Devices (iPads, Macs, Androids):

    1. Click on Download Certificate button below.
    2. Click on Install.
    3. Click on Install now. It will open the Certificate Information, select Install Certificate.
    4. Type your PIN Code i you have one. If you don't have a pin code you will need to create one.
    5. Click Done.


    For Internet Explorer Browsers  For Internet Explorer Browsers:

    1. Click on Download Certificate button below.
    2. Click on Open the file.
    3. Click on Open.
    4. It will open the Certificate Information, select Install Certificate.
    5. Click next.
    6. Select the option Place all certificates in the following store.
    7. Click Browse.
    8. Select the folder Trusted Certification Authorities and click OK.
    9. Click Next and then Finish.
    10. Click “Yes” on the security warning.
    11. Close all dialogs and restart the browser.


    For Google Chrome Browsers  For Google Chrome Browsers:

    1. Click on Download Certificate button below.
    2. Click on customize and control Google Chrome.
    3. Select Settings
    4. Select Advance Settings
    5. Select Manage Certificates
    6. Click on Import
    7. Click on Next
    8. Click Browse on the file to import.
    9. Go to Favorites Download Folder.
    10. Select the Certificate1.crt and click open.
    11. Click Next.
    12. In the certificate store click browse.
    13. Select Trusted Root Certification Authorities, click ok and click next.
    14. Click Finish.
    15. Click "yes" on the warning notice.
    16. Click OK and Click close.