• The number to call with questions about bus passes or routes is

    (401) 456-9269.

    The number to call if a bus is late or did not arrive is (401) 943-7536.


    Bus passes will only be given according to Providence School Board policy. The following is the mileage requirements for student transportation:


    • Elementary School: 1 mile and above
    • Middle School: 1 ½ miles and above
    • High School: 2 miles and above


    Exceptions to this policy will only be for students with special needs. For medical issues, a student’s physician must submit a written document stating the reason why the student must be provided transportation. Please note that the document must be sent directly to the attention of: Donna O’Connor, 182 Thurbers Avenue, Providence, RI 02905. For all students who have a special education case manager, the request for transportation must come from that manager or a Special Education supervisor. For additional information contact Special Education at (401) 456-9330.