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    We are ready to LEAP forward with our Learning, Equity, and Accelerated Pathways Plan:


    • Accelerate, Don’t Remediate – This is a report TNTP published, in partnership and using data from Zearn, that demonstrates the effectiveness of learning acceleration in elementary math classrooms. The report provides one of the first direct comparisons in student outcomes from the two approaches – remediation vs acceleration – and shows that students who experienced the acceleration approach during the pandemic learned more than students who experienced remediation. If you are interested in a briefing on this report, let me know!

    • Learning Acceleration for All: Planning for the Next Three to Five Years – This guidebook builds on our previous Learning Acceleration Guide, with a focus on systems-level planning for the long-term to support learning acceleration for all students. It includes many linked resources, as well, to guide the strategic planning and change management processes outlined in the guide, and includes helpful sample goals, etc.

    • Acceleration Roadmap: Pathway to Equitable Recovery – These are school-level resources we developed for our partnership with the MA DESE, and include a fairly straightforward set of acceleration-based actions and related resources to support school leaders and educators (there are two versions, one for each audience) in planning for learning acceleration as they look ahead to the upcoming school year. TNTP will also be hosting professional learning webinars on this content throughout the summer for educators across MA.