• Central High School Softball Champions

    Providence Public Schools Athletic Program fosters respect and sportsmanship, helps build teamwork and leadership, and advances a commitment to excellence. Students build lifelong values such as accountability, integrity, and structure. Our vision is to provide students athletes opportunities for teaching, learning and growing.

  • Through athletics, our coaches help students to develop social emotional skills that come naturally from experiencing victories and defeats; to build skills of discipline, self-awareness, and self-management that come with daily practice; and to foster relationship building skills both on and off the fields as they learn to work with teammates, opponents, and the community.


    The PPSD Athletic Program is made up of 9 high schools with 5 athletic programs-Central High School, Classical High School, Hope High School, Juanita Sanchez, and Mt. Pleasant High School. Students compete in the Rhode Island Interscholastic League (RIIL).


    Rhode Island Interscholastic League