School Counseling
  • School Counseling Services for Providence Public Schools

    Providence School Counselors are Rhode Island certified educators.  In our district we have designed and implemented a comprehensive school counseling program based on the American School Counselor Association National Model and the Rhode Island Framework for School Counseling to improve outcomes for all students.  The foundation of the program focuses on the three developmental domains of counseling: academic achievement, college and career readiness and social emotional support.  Our program is data driven with measurable student  outcomes.  In examining and analyzing data outcomes on such topics as attendance, FAFSA completion, test scores, and academic achievement with regard to class placement and support, we reflect on our practice and make informed proactive/prosocial decisions to increase and enhance student achievement.



    The groundwork of school counselor- student supportive interactions in our middle and high schools happen in individual, small group, and classroom settings.  Providence School Counselors are proud advocates for students, embracing the whole child in a multifaceted school experiential environment.  More specifically, school counselors provide direct and indirect student services.  Direct student service assurance occurs when school counselors follow the Providence School District Scope and Sequence Curriculum, consisting of proactive activities and lessons.  These activities and lessons for grades 6-12 are designed to improve student outcomes and promote student academic success and personal growth. Indirect services are provided when counselors interact with others on behalf of the student.  To fully support students with their educational journey, school counselors collaborate and consult with families, teachers, administrators, and community agencies.  Providence School Counselors believe working in inclusive unison with stakeholders contributes to students’ positive self- esteem building, which is at the core of a globally productive, high-achieving, life-learning individual.


    All graduates of Providence Public Schools are uniquely talented, diverse learners engaging in personal inquiry and growth. They are socially responsible, strong advocates in all global matters and pursue academic and career excellence.



    The Providence K-12 School Counseling Program inclusively and proactively embraces and advocates for all students. The Program fosters and promotes student self-esteem and provides access for highly successful achievement while shaping their globally productive, lifelong learning aspirations.  

  • Office of School counseling

    Academic Achievement Services:                               

    • Advisement for academic planning including course selections
    • Advocate and accommodate individual educational needs
    • Promote school and community enrichment opportunities  
    • Analyze standardized test results for placement and advising
    • Interpret and access personal records and transcripts
    • Achievement and award celebrations      

    College and Career Services:

    • College/Career awareness, exploration and procedures 
    • Enrichment/internship opportunities 
    • College and Career Fairs
    • Post-secondary planning
    • Financial Aid awareness, completion, and planning                                       
    • Scholarship search and opportunities

    Social Emotional Services:

    • Build and nurture self esteem
    • Conflict resolution and coping strategies
    • Race, multicultural, and gender inclusivity 
    • Target and Crisis Team support and intervention for all students
    • Collaborate, refer, and consult with school and community agencies

    Connection to Family and Community:

    • Welcome families to collaborate with school community
    • Parent Portals for Skyward and Naviance 
    • Informational sessions: parent/teacher conferences, school choice, college/career, financial aid
    • Communication/translation services 
    • Family outreach and referrals with community agencies
    • Partnerships with community agencies and post-secondary institutions




    All Rhode Island students in grades 6-12 are required to have an Individual Learning Plan (ILP).  The ILP process is a collaborative effort shared by the student, the student’s family and involved educators (not limited to school counselors).  According to the RI Department of  Education, “the ILP is a student-directed planning and monitoring tool that customizes learning opportunities throughout students' secondary school experience, broadens their perspectives, and supports attainment of goals. The ILP documents students’ interests, needs, supports, course selections (including access to college level programming), transition placements and other learning experiences both in and out of school.” 


    Providence Public Schools will use PowerSchool Naviance as the platform for the ILP.  Naviance is a college, career, and life readiness (CCLR) platform that helps middle and high school students discover their strengths, explore college and career interests, create actionable goals, and find their best-fit path after high school.  This robust solution promotes college and career readiness by encouraging academic rigor and aligning student strengths and interests to long-term goals.  "The Student Journey" video is a good overview of Naviance for parents, as it shares the purpose of Naviance for students from middle school to high school.

  • Online Resources

    Student Information System:

    Skyward is our online portal to access student attendance, report cards, schedule, and academic history.  High school students can view the credits they have attained and the graduation requirements met to determine if he/she is on track to graduation. 


    PPSD Graduation Requirements:  

    PPSD Graduation Requirements



    PPSD Scholarship Information


    FAFSA Completion:

    The Free Application for Federal Student Aid, or FAFSA, is the essential first step students must take to apply for college financial aid.

    You can check your school's completion rate by visiting the RI FAFSA Completion Dashboard.


    College Planning: 

    The RISLA College Planning Center provides free college planning and financial aid guidance. 


    PrepareRI is a State resource where students can explore career education, college credits, and job and internship opportunities.


    To begin the college application process students must create an account on Commonapp and link it to their Naviance account.


    PSAT/SAT, Khan Academy & AP: College Board


    All Course Network:

    The RIDE has an All Course Network (ACN) program. It allows students to take advantage of supplemental coursework outside of the traditional school day at no cost to a district or student. There are different types of courses available on the ACN: enrichment, work-based learning, dual enrollment, Advanced Placement, and career credential courses. All public school students in Rhode Island can participate in these opportunities and receive credit on their transcript (if they are in high school).