• Be an Attendance Hero


    Research indicates that chronic absence negatively impacts literacy development and students who are not reading proficiently by third grade are four times more likely to dropout. Attending school every day, on time, is a critical factor in academic and social success.

  • The office of Student Support is excited to communicate the creation of the Providence Public Schools Attendance Academy.

    What is the Attendance Academy?

    As part of the ongoing battle to combat chronic absenteeism, we need the participation and commitment from individual heroes that have already joined the fight! The Attendance Academy is tasked with the development, training, and improvement of the attendance intervention strategy at Providence Public Schools. A team of attendance heroes, that work in, or attend the schools that Providence Public School’s services, needs to assemble to defend our students against chronic absenteeism. The Attendance Academy will:


    • Design attendance incentive programs
    • Make recommendations to attendance strategy
    • Create attendance events for the district and at schools
    • Design communication and delivery methods for attendance intervention
    • Work with other PPSD teams to engage students and families
    • Create training materials to be used by schools and families
    • Plan the first ever Attendance Academy Awards for the efforts of school attendance intervention teams


    We are looking to recruit school counselors, community specialists, restorative attendance mentors, teachers, students, and parents to join forces and help with the Attendance Academy initiative. Are you up to the challenge? If you believe that you are the attendance hero that we need to make a difference for our students, we would love to have you. How do I Apply for Attendance Academy? Please send an email to Chace here. In your email, state your name, your position (student, parent, employee & employee title), and why you want to join the attendance academy. Meeting sessions will be created to speak with all interested attendance heroes.


    The Attendance Academy is looking forward to assembling this superhero attendance intervention team. Let’s win the battle against chronic absenteeism together!


    Helpful Resources

    Click here for the Skyward Login  Skyward log-in

    Click here for Family Access in Skyward

    PPSD Attendance Policy - English | Spanish




    Excused (verified) absences:

    • illness
    • death in the family
    • medical appointments that cannot be scheduled outside of school hours
    • family emergency
    • religious holiday
    • school-sponsored events
    • court appointment
    • counseling appointment
    • in-school and out-of-school suspension

    Unexcused absences:

    • family vacations
    • employment issues
    • cutting classes


    Click here to learn more about how you can work with your school and child to develop and maintain good attendance habits.


    Family Resources


    Family and Community Engagement Office (FACE)

    Parents are welcome to call our Family and Community Engagement office to get answers to questions about our policies, initiatives and look for help to resolve concerns.

    Please visit or contact:

    379 Washington Street, Providence, RI 02903

    Phone: (401) 456-0686  |  Fax: (401) 456-9105  |  e-mail: face@ppsd.org


    Attendance Works 

    Attendance resource partner.


    United Way of RI  2-1-1 

    Assistance with housing, food, childcare, and much more.


    Blackstone Valley Advocacy Center 

    Domestic violence advocate.

How sick is too sick?

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