Student Affairs Office

  • The Student Affairs Office (SAO) has jurisdiction over the following areas within the Providence School Department:

    • Truancy
    • Disciplinary hearings/out of school suspensions/discipline
    • Home School
    • Working Papers
    • Alternative Education Programs
    • Central Records Office (CRO)


    The Director of Student Affairs oversees two major departments (SAO & CRO) which are vital to Providence students and their families and offers student support services. The Student Affairs Office works closely with all Providence Public School employees, community agencies, Providence Police, Rhode Island Family Court, and parents to assist in educating Providence children to become productive members of society. All Student Affairs proceedings are conducted in a legal and positive manner adhering to the civil and due process rights of all parties.


    Supporting Professionals

    The Student Affairs Office employs the following certified personnel:


    • 4 Attendance Officers; 2 Home Visitors, 2 Social Workers (100%)
    • 1 Attendance Officer: 1 Social Worker (40%)
    • 1 Guidance Counselor who is assigned to conduct disciplinary hearings (100%)
    • 1 School Psychologist (40%)
    • 1 504 Teacher Assistant (100%)
    • 2 Bilingual Paraprofessionals who translate Spanish & Cambodian for non-English speaking families/students (100%)
    • 1 Secretarial Assistant to the Director of Student Affairs (100%)
    • 2 SAO Clerks (100%)
    • 2 Central Records Clerks (100%)