Graduation Requirements

  • Graduation Requirements

    Going off to college and getting an education is an important step in setting up the basis for one's future life. Going to college opens several doors and provides countless advantages and opportunities. On average, men and women with college degrees earn nearly double as much as other people with only the minimum of a high school diploma.


    • High school drop-outs: $30,423
    • High school graduates: $35,673
    • College grads (with a bachelor’s degree): $56,513
    • Advanced degree holders: $71,954



    • Students must meet a series of performance-based graduation requirements (PBGRs) in order to graduate.
    • Students must earn 21 credits in certain content areas, and pass specific assessments.

Contact Us

  • For more information about your child’s performance, please contact his/her Guidance Counselor. School contact information is provided below.


    360 High School
    182 Thurbers Ave. [Call 274-4603]


    Alvarez High School
    375 Adelaide Ave. [Call 456-0676]

    Central High School
    70 Fricker St. [Call 456-9111]

    Classical High School
    770 Westminster St. [Call 456-9145]

    E-Cubed Academy
    812 Branch Ave. [Call 456-0694] 

    Hope High School

    324 Hope St. [Call 456-9161]

    Juanita Sanchez Educational Complex
    182 Thurbers Ave. [Call 456-1781]

    Mt. Pleasant High School
    434 Mt. Pleasant Ave. [Call 456-9181]

    Providence Career & Technical Academy
    41 Fricker St. [Call 456-9136]

21 Course Credits

  • Students will need:

    • 4 credits in Math
    • 4 in English Language Arts
    • 3 in Social Studies
    • 3 in Science
    • 2 in World Language
    • 2 in Physical Education and Health
    • .5 in Art
    • .5 in Technology
    • 2 additional credits of choice

Diploma Assessments:

    • Participation in at least one college and career-readiness based exam (PSAT/NMSQT, SAT, ACT and AP)
    • Successful completion of one performance-based diploma assessment/student project