Local Advisory Committee (LAC)

  • The Local Advisory Committee holds regularly scheduled meetings where child care is provided. For meetings dates, times, and locations, please call (401) 456-9330.



    The Local Advisory Committee (or LAC) is a group of Providence parents, teachers, school administrators and related service providers (speech/language pathologists, social workers, psychologists) working together on behalf of children with IEPs.


    The Local Advisory Committee (or LAC) plays a vital role in the success of special education programs and services by providing resources to parents as well as to special education staff. These resources help parents and staff deliver the best and most appropriate services to the children in their care.


    If you would like to contact our Leadership Team, please e-mail: LACPROV@parents.ppsd.org.

    For further information, please contact our Special Education Director, Edda Carmadello, at (401) 456-9100 extension 11321

    or e-mail Edda.Carmadello@ppsd.org