Office of Equity & Belonging Vision and Mission

  • Equity and belonging are core values at Providence Public Schools. Valuing equity means that we must provide resources and support matched to student needs, for every student in every school, that leads to the high quality education necessary for college and career success. We have a collective responsibility for recognizing, interrupting and transforming systemic educational inequities so that social and cultural factors such as race, language and ability are no longer predictors of student success.

Photo by Aiyah Josiah-Faeduwor 
  • Our mission is to promote and sustain a culture of dignity and respect that values equity, diversity, and belonging, increasing equitable access for students, so they may achieve a high quality and competitive education. We will advocate for young people and their families, and emphasize the importance of diversity in promoting the learning and development that leads to graduation, college, career, and a future of possibility.


    Our vision is to transform the district’s culture and climate into one that truly supports educational equity, at all levels. We envision a school system where:

    • Diversity, equity, and inclusion are recognized as core institutional values that drive decision-making, resource allocation, and the development of all policies and practices in the district.
    • Diverse students, staff, and faculty are recruited, supported, and retained.
    • Collaborative internal and external partnerships support the emerging needs of students, staff, faculty, and the communities in which we live and work.
    • We are engaging and elevating youth voice, family voice and addressing harm with Black, Indigenous and People of Color staff, families and youth.
    • There is a culture of staff who are leading professional learning for colleagues and who are influencers in positive ways to innovate and disrupt.
    • The entire school community is committed to disrupt and dismantle inequities, lead for racial and social justice and uplift anti-racist social emotional learning so that young people are seen, heard and thrive without harm.


Office of Equity and Belonging