R.E.S.P.E.C.T. Student Equity Projects, 2023-24

  • 360 High School- Mentoring Young Leaders

  • Alvarez High School- Developing Structures for Positive School Culture: Culture Builders

  • Central High School- Elevating Student Voice and Choice: Career-Based Course Advocacy

  • Classical High School- Strengthening School Culture: Student and Faculty Anti-Bias Training

  • E-Cubed High School: Conflict Resolution and School Safety

  • Esek Hopkins Middle School- Lifting Student Choice: Rotating Schedules & Student Choice in Electives

  • Gilbert Stuart Middle School- Improving School Culture: Digital Bathroom Passes

  • Hope High School- Amplifying School Culture: Community Building with our Teachers

  • JSEC High School- Elevating School Culture: The Buddy System Project

  • Leviton Dual Language Elementary School- Elevating Equity at Leviton

  • Mt. Pleasant High School- Making Connections: Developing a Principal Advisory

  • Nathan Bishop Middle School- Making Space for Mental Health

  • Nathanael Greene Middle School- Aura Attire, NGMS Community Wardrobe

  • PCTA High School- Developing School Culture

  • Roger Williams Middle School- Student Voice in School Matters: Student Schedule and Academic Choices

R.E.S.P.E.C.T. Overview

  • The RESPECT (Raising Expectations for Student Perspectives, Experiences, Consciousness, and Traditions) Student Equity Leadership Program brings together students from PPSD middle and high schools who have been selected by their school leaders to represent their peers.

    Throughout the conference series, students will develop project action plans to foster equity in their school communities, and work in partnership with adult leaders to implement their plans.


    Conference Goals:

    To activate students’ minds to think creatively and make change

    To inspire each student’s will to demand change

    To motivate students to lead change

PPSD RESPECT Conference | Feb 2023 Session