Advisory Council

Equity & Belonging Advisory Council

  • The Office of Equity & Belonging convenes the PPSD Equity Advisory Council. The Council is a group of education and community leaders dedicated to centering racial and social equity. Composed of students, teachers, parents and community partners, the Board will thoughtfully collaborate to elevate the voices of our diverse communities by advising District staff, providing input, and helping to prioritize district-wide equity efforts, policies, strategies and investments. Thank you to the following individuals for joining the Council. If you are interested in taking part in this work, please email


  • Aaliyah Rivera, Student

    Abigail Borchers, Student

    Alex Gray, Sodexo

    Andrea Glauber, PPSD MLL Dept

    Aracelis Sosa Boucher, PPSD MLL Dept

    Areema Sweeney, PPSD Math Dept

    Aubrey Johnson, PPSD Parent

    Brandi Tucker, PPSD Teacher

    Catherine Anderson, PPSD Teacher

    Cecilia Caldarone, PPSD MLL Dept

    Chanda Womack, Community Member

    Charles Watson, Community Member

    Christina Toro, PPSD Teacher

    Dahnya Nicholson, Student

    Demi Egunjobi, Student

    Dexter Vincent, Student

    Jacqueline Nelson, PPSD Teacher

    Jaime David, PPSD Principal

    Jen Connolly, PPSD Special Education Dept

    Jen Kim, PPSD MLL Dept




  • Jimps Jean-Louis, PPSD School Counselor

    Joselyn Ramirez, Community Member  

    Juan Pablo Blanco, Community Member  

    Kelsey Trimm, PPSD MLL Dept

    Lawrel Butler, PPSD Community Member

    Lindsay Paiva, PPSD Teacher

    Luis Avila, Student

    Matthew Barney, PPSD School Culture Coordinator

    Nick Bernardo, Community Member

    Pilar McCloud, Community Member

    Precious Lopez, Community Member

    Rebeca Filomeno-Nason, PPSD MLL Dept

    Ruth Corley, PPSD Math Dept

    Santiago Reyes, Student

    Athena Holloway, PPSD Alumni 

    Emily Melgar, PPSD Alumni  

    Eugenie Belony, PPSD Alumni  

    Jayliana Cepeda, PPSD Alumni