Schools List

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Elementary Schools

Middle Schools


    Nathan Bishop Middle School

    101 Sessions Street (02906)

    Principal: Kimberly Luca

    Asst. Principal: Edward Halpin

    Asst. Principal: Albert Speaks Jr.

    Tel: (401) 456-9344



    DelSesto Middle School

    152 Springfield Street (02909)

    Principal: Arzinia Gill

    Asst. Principal: Cassandra Charles

    Asst. Principal: Rebeca Filomeno-Nason

    Tel: (401) 278-0557



    Nathanael Greene Middle School

    721 Chalkstone Avenue (02908)

    Principal: Michael Comella

    Asst. Principal: Marisa Jackson

    Asst. Principal: Anthony Pacitto

    Tel: (401) 456-9347



    Esek Hopkins Middle School

    480 Charles Street (02904)

    Principal: Gloria Jackson

    Asst. Principal: Dawn Simonelli

    Asst. Principal: Gregory Pavlisko

    Tel: (401) 456-9203



    Gilbert Stuart Middle School

    188 Princeton Avenue (02907)

    Principal: Scott Sutherland

    Asst. Principal: Robin Mathis

    Asst. Principal: Robert DiMuccio

    Tel: (401) 456-9340



    West Broadway Middle School

    29 Bainbridge Avenue (02909)

    Principal: Leanne Saravo

    Asst. Principal: Cynthia Torres

    Asst. Principal: Richard Parillo

    Tel: (401) 456-1733



    Roger Williams Middle School

    278 Thurbers Avenue (02905)

    Principal: Christina Gibbons

    Asst. Principal: Dinah Larbi

    Asst. Principal: Alisa Diakite

    Tel: (401) 456-9355

High Schools

  • 360

    360 High School

    Co-located at The Juanita Sanchez Complex

    182 Thurbers Avenue (02905)

    Principal: Kerry Tuttlebee

    Tel: (401) 274-4603



    Dr. Jorge Alvarez High School

    375 Adelaide Avenue (02907)

    Principal: Janice Zawadi Hawkins

    Asst. Principal: Elizabeth Melendez

    Asst. Principal: Judy D’Antuono

    Tel: (401) 456-0676



    Providence Career & Technical Academy 

    41 Fricker Street (02903)

    Principal: Wobberson Torchon

    Asst. Principal: Judy Valentine

    Asst. Principal: Judy Fried

    CTE Director: Ramon Torres

    Tel: (401) 456-9136



    Central High School

    70 Fricker Street (02903)

    Principal: Jonathan Mendelsohn

    Asst. Principal: John Walker

    Asst. Principal: Leonard Kiernan

    Asst. Principal: Jeff Goss

    Tel: (401) 456-9111



    Classical High School

    770 Westminster Street (02903)

    Principal: Scott Barr

    Asst. Principal: Brian Baldizar

    Asst. Principal: Beth Battey

    Asst. Principal: Michael Marino

    Tel: (401) 456-9145, 9147


    E3 (E-CUBED)

    E-Cubed Academy

    812 Branch Avenue (02904)       

    Principal: Regina Winkfield

    Asst. Principal: Renee Walker

    Tel: (401) 456-0694



    Evolutions High School

    Co-located at Mount Pleasant

    High School

    434 Mt. Pleasant Avenue (02908)

    Principal: Magaly Sanchez

    Tel: (401) 274-1897



    Hope High School

    324 Hope Street (02906)

    Principal: John Hunt

    Asst. Principal: Jose Aleman

    Asst. Principal: Gail DeCecco

    Asst. Principal: Donald Izzo

    Tel: (401) 456-9161



    Mount Pleasant High School

    434 Mt. Pleasant Avenue (02908)

    Principal: Christopher Coleman

    Principal: Nicole Mathis

    Asst. Principal: Oscar Paz

    Asst. Principal: Matthew Buchanon

    Asst. Principal: Nathan Biah

    Tel: (401) 456-9181



    The William B. Cooley, Sr. High School and The Providence Academy of International Studies (High School) at The Juanita Sanchez Complex

    182 Thurbers Avenue (02905)

    Principal: Vilai Or

    Asst. Principal: Ariana Testa

    Asst. Principal: Carina Pinto De Chacon

    Tel: (401) 456-1781