• CTE Team


    Brett Daniels


    Brett DickensCTE Director

    Brett is a CTE evangelist and parent. Most recently, she served as a CTE Principal in the Boston Public Schools where she worked to strengthen student outcomes in career and technical programs as well as in literacy and math. She is a strong believer that high expectations coupled with strong support structures will help all students prepare for both industry careers and post-secondary education.



  • Abigail Deschamps


    Abigail DeschampsSecretary

    Ms. Deschamps assists the Career and Technical Director and the Program Coordinators in their everyday responsibilities, including but not limited to the admission process to all CTE Programs and Pathways.


  • Jessica De La Cruz


    Jessica De La CruzP-Tech Coordinator

    After working in the education field for two years, De La Cruz found her passion by working with students and making a difference in their lives. In 2019, she graduated with her Masters in Education which helped expand her knowledge in the field, enhance her leadership skills in the classroom, and as a school administrator. Her goal is to continue to provide students with the assistance, resources, and tools they need to be successful young adults in the nearby future.


    William Iannotti


    William IannottiC-Tech Coordinator

    Mr. Iannotti earned his Bachelor's Degree in Psychology from Roger William University and began his work in career counseling. He received his Masters in Education from Springfield College with a concentration in Guidance and Psychological Services which helped enhance his career ambitions to help bridge the gap between a person's skill set and the employer's needs. His goal is to continue to provide the students with resources, tools, and skill set to become productive members of the workforce.





    Ana Sanchez


    Ana Sanchez, C-Tech Coordinator

    Ana J. Sanchez is the CTE Coordinator and a parent of three blessed children. She has served as a youth leader/missionary for St. Patrick's Church, Providence, and as a Community Relations Manager for Cox Communications where the main focus was to build relationships with our youth, and to help them to engage and discover who they truly are, so that they can become the best version of themselves. Our youth want to do something great and meaningful with their lives. They have many gifts and talents that they need help to discover and put into action to become the best versions of themselves. Our CTE program will prepare our youth to do that and are able to find the right path for their lives, careers and post-secondary education.



  • Kellianne Sparrow

    Kellianne SparrowC-Tech Coordinator

    Kellianne Sparrow is our newest Career Tech Coordinator with the Providence Public Schools. Her background includes five years working for Exeter Job Corps Academy in their Career Preparation Department and three years of experience as a paralegal for a personal injury attorney. She is currently taking graduate courses at Providence College to pursue her teaching certificate in Social Studies. She believes that each student deserves to explore career technical education duirng their high school years in order to make the best decision for their professional career as young adults.



  • Rebecca Stewart


    Rebecca StewartC-Tech Coordinator


    C-TECH  Coordinator Rebecca has extensive experience in community organizations in case management, job placement, community outreach and wrap-around supports for youth and adults and is working towards her Master’s in Public Administration.  Rebecca is a Central High graduate who completed her CTE training in Cosmetology and the mom of a recent P-TECH grad from North Providence.