• Professional Learning Experiences and Professional Learning Units


    According to RIDE, all professional learning experiences for educators must fall into at least one of the four categories.

    FAQ for PLE_PLU



    PPSD supports and provides a variety of Professional Learning Experiences that align with every educator’s

    professional responsibilities. In PPSD, Professional Learning Experiences (PLEs) have the following attributes:

    ● The educator and the Professional Time Joint Committee agree that the PLE advances the educator’s practice in any of the

        following areas: educator effectiveness, curricular implementation knowledge, pedagogical knowledge, content knowledge.

    ● The PLE aligns with the District Strategic Plan or the School Improvement Plan.

    ● The PLE focuses on student outcomes and/or adult behavior targets.

    ● The educator will be able to demonstrate his/her learning as a result of participation in the PLE.

    ● Verification of the educator’s participation is available.


    Professional Learning Experiences may be:

    ● District-based or school-based offerings (workshops, a series of workshops, data teams, review of student work teams, PLC).

    ● Experiences independently designed and created by individuals or teams of educators.

    ● Opportunities outside of the district, such as accredited university courses or workshops, classes, or activities sponsored by

        professional learning organizations.


    PPSD expects that all educators will:

    ● Participate in a variety of PLEs that advance the educator’s practice.

    ● Obtain pre-approval in order to participate in the PLE.

    ● Maintain accurate, independent documentation of his/her participation in PLE.

    ● Provide feedback as part of the PLE prior to the issuance of the PLU.



    * Professional Learning Units for Independent or Enrichment/Extension PLEs will not be issued without pre-approval from the



    *Educators must note the applicable PLU criteria, i.e. educator effectiveness, curricular implementation knowledge,

      pedagogical knowledge, content knowledge and alignment to District Strategic Plan/SIP on the pre-approval form in



    *Professional Learning Units will not be issued without the completion of feedback form in Frontline.






    District-based and School-Based Professional Learning Experiences Approval and Award Process


    FAQ for PLE_PLU






    Independent Professional Learning Experiences


    (college coursework, professional organizational workshops, conferences, independently designed PLE)


    FAQ for PLE_PLU 3






    Extension and Enrichment Opportunities for Professional Learning Units



    FAQ for PLE_PLU






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