About the School Board


    The Providence School Board is the governing body responsible for ensuring that the Providence Public School District provides a high-quality education for all Providence students. The School Board is not an administrative or day-to-day operations body but instead, governs by establishing a policy to guide the Superintendent in the administration and operation of the schools. This is achieved by monitoring progress toward achieving direct goals, and by engaging the community in planning for and supporting schools. The individual Board member works with the Board as a whole and collaboratively with the Superintendent to accomplish the district’s mission.


    PPSD Turnaround Plan and RIDE Intervention:

    On July 23, 2019, The Rhode Island Council on Elementary and Secondary Education voted to enact The Crowley Act, which authorizes RIDE to exercise control over the Providence Public School District’s (PPSD) budget, programming and personnel. RIDE is charged with developing and implementing a Turnaround Plan for PPSD. The Superintendent will be hired by RIDE and will report to the Commissioner of Education.  The Commissioner of Education is required to provide an annual report to the Mayor, the School Board, the City Council and the public on the implementation of the Turnaround Plan and its progress. It is essential that while during this turnaround period that Providence School Board members, the Mayor and Providence City Council collaborate as strong community advocates, dedicated to supporting the sustainable change that is needed to improve the quality of education for our children.


    Interested in joining the board?  Visit the City of Providence application page for more information and timeline:  https://www.providenceri.gov/mayor/providence-school-board-application/