Preschool Recruitment for Children Without Disabilities

  • Recruitment for children without disabilities

    Providence Public Schools recruits children without disabilities for its Intergrated Inclusion pre-kindergarten classes. There are two types of programming for Inclusion– Full Day and Half Day. The ratio of children with disabilities and the children who do not have disabilities is 7:8. In order to be selected for the inclusion program, a child must complete the Child Outreach Screening process in the following areas:


    • Developmental
    • Speech and Language
    • Hearing
    • Vision
    • Social/Emotional Development


    After the screening is completed, the parent is eligible for an application. Parents should indicate the program where they would prefer their child to attend. A lottery is conducted at the end of June. Due to the limited nature of the program, priority is given to children who will be four on or before 9/1.  This is a small program and not every child always gets a full day seat or the school that the parent requested.  Parents are notified by the Providence School Department in June if their child was selected through the lottery process.  Parents then have two weeks to register their child in order to secure the child’s seat.  If parents do not register their child within the two weeks time frame, the child will lose their seat.


    Awarding seats and notification to parents

    Parents of children who are not awarded seats are notified in writing in June and are asked if they would like to be put on a waiting list. Parents must notify the Early Childhood Office if they would like their child to be put on the waiting list.  Parents will be contacted from the Early Childhood Office as seats become available and asked if they would like their child placed.  If parents refuse placement at a particular school, their child will be moved to the bottom of the waiting list.  Due to the size of the program and the regulations of class size, seats are extremely limited.


    Children are expected in school every day, on time unless they are sick. Children need to attend regularly to stay in the program, as this program has a specific design and attendance is critical.  These classes are currently located in five of our elementary schools in the district – Asa Messer, Anthony Carnevale, Charles Fortes, Robert Kennedy, and Pleasant View.


    In order to schedule a screening appointment, parents should call (401) 278-0517, email

    or go to

    Schedule appointment for screening

     If parents have any additional questions regarding the program or the lottery, they may contact Christen Ahern at (401) 456-9100 extension 11325 or email