Interpreting and Translation Services

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    Special Education team meetings depend on good communication among all team members including families, students, and school personnel. When family/students’ home/native language is not English, the Special Education Office will include interpreters to ensure that parents are fully participating in the team decision making process. The Office of Special Populations provides oral interpretation to all non-English-speaking families who have students with special needs. The Special Populations Office also provides written translation in Spanish and makes a good faith effort to accommodate other foreign languages for translation services, whenever possible. In recognition of the need for meaningful participation for non-or limited English-speaking parent(s)/guardian at Individual Education Plan team meeting, the Division of Special Education has hired its Family Liaison & Interpreter/Translator to provide and help coordinate oral interpretation at Individual Education Plan and special education meetings and to translate documents in order to provide the most accurate information to our non-Englilsh speaking parents. Please contact Fabiola Lujan Swift for all matters related to Special Education interpretation and translation services at:


    Fabiola Lujan Swift, Family Liaison & Interpreter/Translator

    Tel:  401-456-9100 Extension 11322 




    Requesting an Interpreter for Special Education or Individual Education Plan Related Meetings

    • If interpreting services are needed for a special education or Individual Education Plan team meetings, please complete the MASTER REQUEST FORM AND MAKE A COPY 
    • Email the form to Fabiola Lujan Swift or fax to 456-9259 (Note: Please make sure to review your form before sending to make sure that all information included on the form is correct. This will avoid double booking of interpreters and/or last minute cancellations).

     Please see the complete process for requesting interpretation and translation in this memo