Employee Absences & Substitutes

  • Resources for employees on absence and substitute related matters.

    (A resource for all Providence Schools employees on absence and substitute related matters)

    Using the AESOP system to manage absences and assign substitutes:

    • Regular employees use the system to enter absences.
    • Substitutes use the system to receive assignments.
    • Access the AESOP system via phone by calling 1-800-942-3767.
    • Access the AESOP system online at http://www.frontlinek12.com.

    AESOP Login and password help:

    • Login and password are the same on the phone and online.
    • LOGIN: Primary phone number, ideally a mobile phone - online enter without punctuation (e.g. "4014569216").
    • PIN: 5-digit PPSD employee ID - find this on any PPSD paystub immediately to the right of your name in a box marked "EMP.NO."
    • For additional help with your username and password: e-mail suboffice@ppsd.org, call (401) 456-9100 or stop by the SubOffice in Room 100 at 797 Westminster Street, Providence, RI 02903.

    Absence reporting guidelines:

    • Enter all sick and personal day absences via the AESOP system either by phone or web - deadline for submission via AESOP is 5 minutes before the start of your school.
    • You may also be required to notify your Principals / managers via email or phone call - please check with your Principal or manager for your school or department's procedure.
    • Whether you interact with the automated system -the phone or online- or with a clerk at your school or in the SubOffice, you will receive a confirmation number for all successful submissions of absence requests - it is your responsibility to keep a record of the confirmation numbers you receive from AESOP - if you do not have a confirmation number, the absence was not successfully requested.

    Full Providence Schools Absence Reporting Procedure:
    The Providence Public School Department uses an automated service that greatly simplifies and streamlines the process of recording and managing absences and finding substitutes. This service is called Aesop. The Aesop service will be available to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and can be accessed via internet and phone. Whenever it is necessary for an employee to be absent from work, the following procedures must be followed:

    • All employees MUST utilize the Aesop absence reporting system until 5 minutes before the start of their school, on the day of the absence. Failure to follow the proper procedures for interacting with Aesop may result in loss of pay. Most importantly, you must wait until you have a confirmation number before logging off the system or ending your telephone call.

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