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    This definition is designed to guide Providence Public Schools staff and administrators who are interested in engaging in partnerships.  Partnerships can encompass a wide variety of activities.  They may include staff development, curriculum development, instructional development, guidance, mentoring, and tutoring, or they may provide material or financial resources. Though the types of partnership activities can vary widely, the common goal of all partnerships is to improve the educational experience of students. 


    Partnership Definition:

    A collaborative relationship between the Providence Public School District and community entities that is mutually beneficial and works towards shared goals and purpose through an agreed upon division of services, outcomes and or financial responsibility.



    Our mission is to Strengthen and leverage our relationships with community partners in support of school needs and district goals.  We accomplish this mission by identifying, expanding and developing relationships.  Additionally, this will allow the District/schools to foster rich and meaningful partnerships by promoting a shared investment in Providence’s youth and families.



    A collaborative relationship between the Providence School District and community entities that is mutually beneficial and works towards shared goals and purpose. 


    Our core guiding principles:


    • Partnerships enable the District to meet its goals and leverage community resources in support of specific priorities;
    • Partnerships are built on trust, respect and reflect true collaboration between and among participating entities;
    • Partnerships expectations and accountability are set at a realistic level;
    • Clear roles and responsibilities are outlined;
    • Ongoing mechanisms for communication, program development , implementation, operation and evaluation are established;
    • The District will provide a systematic process for community entities to access opportunities for collaboration.

Providence Public Schools Partnership Process

Contact Information:


    Jael Lopes

    Director of Strategic Community Partnerships

    797 Westminster Street 

    Providence, RI 02903

    Tel:(401) 456-9100 Ext. 11374




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