• Frequently Asked Questions


    Who should I call to share I am homeless and need help?

    If you lost your house due to eviction, fire, or lost your job and are looking to make sure your children have a safe and stable experience in school. Share your experience with the school Principal or the FACE Office at (401) 456-0686 and ask for help and guidance.


    What do I do if I need to register my child in Providence coming from another district in RI or outside the state BUT I am living temporarily at a shelter or with another family?

    Our Student Registration and Placement Center is ready to enroll your child. www.providenceschools.org/registration


    All districts involved with the family must work together to provide the support they need to enroll immediately when and if the family finds temporary housing. Required documents at time of enrollment are requested with the understanding if the family does not have the documents at time of enrollment they will be enrolled while waiting for documents to arrive. Shelters will provide families with a letter that confirms they are living at their location. If the family finds shelter with another family, an enrollment form verifying address will be requested to be completed.  


    Where can I get school supplies if I don’t have any or can’t afford to provide for my child?
    Share your concern with your child’s teacher or school Principal. Schools are very generous and often receive donations from school staff or outside agencies. You can also reach out to the FACE Office at (401) 456-0686. The office has limited supplies available throughout the year.


    Even though my family and I are living in a temporary housing situation can my children participate in school field trips or afterschool programs?

    Yes. All students regardless of a temporary housing situation have the right to participate in any and all school programs and activities. Special accommodations may be offered to student’s case by case such as not requiring fees to be paid due to the family’s temporary housing circumstances. Always reach out to your child’s teacher or school Principal with any questions or supports.


    Am I automatically eligible for student transportation if I am homeless?

    No, students are eligible for transportation based on the distance between school and home and depending on whether they are elementary, middle or high school students.


    Elementary school students must live at least one mile from their school and middle school students must live at least 1.5 miles from their school to be eligible for school bus transportation.


    High school students are eligible for a RIPTA monthly pass when they live two or more miles from the home address.


    Regardless of the grade, students enrolled in Providence but living temporarily outside the City of Providence with another family are eligible for a RIPTA bus pass or yellow bus. Special circumstances will be considered case by case; such as a student with a medical or health related condition, accommodations under 504 Plan or required in the students’ IEP. Parents facing homelessness have the right to keep their child at their current school of origin if they need to find shelter or live outside the school districts town. The homeless liaison will assist with arranging transportation in those circumstances.


    Will my homeless status stay confidential?

    Yes, your personal circumstance must and will remain confidential. However, please be advised, when you disclose the information to a school staff member the school Principal will be notified as resources that become available are often times shared with them first.



    * For more information or if you or a family you know is living temporarily with another family, shelter, hotel, mobile home or in a car or street call the Family and Community Engagement Office for assistance at 401-456-0686.


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