• Chanhsy Sibunroeung - Class of 2024 Valedictorian

  • Chanhsy

    "Take advantage of the opportunities here. Take advantage of your tech area and practice every day, and try to be your best."

    Chanhsy plans to go into the workforce after graduating from PCTA, and will be working full-time at General Dynamics Electric Boat as a welder. He felt that the work pathway was the best fit for him. Chanhsy chose to go to PCTA for high school because there are a lot of great opportunities; lots of hands-on experience. Something he would tell incoming freshmen is to take advantage of the opportunities at the school. He's part of the co-op program at Electric Boat, so instead of going to PCTA during welding days, he would go to Electric Boat and get paid. He encourages freshmen to take advantage of their tech area, to practice every day, and try to be their best. 

  • Eliam Tejada - Class of 2024 Salutatorian

  • Eliam

    "I would tell freshmen to be patient. There are so many things you need to learn, and you will get help if you ask the teachers for it."

    Eliam is going to the University of Rhode Island in the fall to study mechanical engineering. He had other colleges he was deciding between, but he ultimately chose URI because of the engineering program there. Eliam has been interested in both pre-engineering and law since middle school, and was trying to decide between the two going into high school. He chose to focus on engineering, which is one of the reasons he chose to attend PCTA. During his time at PCTA, Eliam learned so many things. He says the program he is taking to help him with his English is helping him a lot. He would tell incoming PCTA freshmen to be patient. There are so many things that they need to learn, and they will get help if they ask the teachers for it. Eliam says it will be harder if they don't ask for help, and encourages them to always ask for it when they need it. During his time at PCTA, Eliam played baseball.

  • Naomi Felix

  • Naomi

    Naomi Felix's decision to apply to Providence Career and Technical Academy to pursue Electrical Technology four years ago demonstrates her foresight and commitment to achieving her goals. By selecting this field of study, she laid the foundation for her future academic and professional endeavors in electrical engineering. This choice likely provided her with valuable knowledge and skills that have contributed to her success in gaining acceptance into prestigious universities.

    Naomi has been accepted into several universities, including Northeastern University with the Torch Scholarship, Olin College of Engineering, and Princeton University. Notably, she is the first student from Providence Career and Technical Academy (PCTA), to be accepted into an Ivy League school. This achievement speaks volumes about Naomi's hard work, dedication, and academic excellence. Moreover, receiving the Torch Scholarship demonstrates her status as a hard-working and accomplished first-generation college student from a low-income background. The Torch Scholarship provides full financial support for tuition and covers the cost of room and board for all four years at Northeastern University. Overall, Naomi's acceptance into these esteemed institutions and her receipt of the Torch Scholarship are testament to her outstanding academic achievements and future potential.

    Naomi's academic achievements are truly remarkable, however she has also excelled outside the classroom over the course of her four-year career at PCTA. Competing in the SkillsUSA Industrial Motors and Controls competitions at state and national levels, she secured medals for three consecutive years, showcasing her proficiency in Electrical Technology. Her success highlights not only technical skills but also the ability to excel under pressure. Completing two summer internships with Brown University, one abroad in Italy, demonstrates her initiative and eagerness for real-world experience, enhancing her practical skills alongside academic knowledge. In addition, Naomi has engaged in numerous extracurricular activities, including community involvement with non-profit organizations and a 100-hour work-based internship during her junior and senior years. Naomi maintained a high GPA, showcasing strong time management and organizational skills. Her commitment to academic excellence and well-rounded development exemplifies her clear long-term goals, serving as an inspiration. 

  • Daniel Paz Rossy

  • Daniel

    Daniel is a senior at Providence Career and Technical Academy (PCTA). Upon graduating high school, he really wants to pursue a career in the aviation industry, either becoming an aircraft mechanic or a commercial pilot. He hopes to use the skills he's learned in his tech area of HVACR/Plumbing to help him with learning the mechanics of an airplane and how to fix any problem that may need fixing.

    During his time at PCTA, Daniel is thankful for the opportunity that his tech teachers gave him to experience real life service calls and real life construction scenarios. Another memorable experience he'll have is the amazing teachers that he's had to guide him through the four years of instruction. Daniel feels he's had more of a connection with his high school teachers, in particular, Mr. Masse (CTE teacher), Mr. Sherwood (CTE teacher), Mrs. McLoud (EEP English teacher), Ms. Bone (Geometry teacher), Ms. Hatt (Pre-Calculus teacher), and Ms. O'Reilly (French teacher). These teachers never failed to give him advice on anything, and he is beyond thankful to the people that helped guide him through school.

    While nervous about what's to come after high school, Daniel knows that completing high school is an accomplishment. Knowing that he is stepping into the real world, all the skills he's learned and developed throughout the years at PCTA can help him achieve his dream of becoming something big in the aviation industry.