• Wellness

Health & Wellness Committee


    All RI districts are required by law to establish a wellness committee as a sub-committee of the full school board committee. Serving as an advisory group consisting of educators, administrators, parents, students, and local and statewide partners, the H&W Committee works collectively to support our students’ health and wellness. Join us at our next meeting!


    Health & Wellness Co-Chairs: School board member Diagneris Garcia 

    School Board and Health & Wellness MemberTy’Relle Stephens


    H&W Working Groups

    Are you interested in a specific area of health and wellness? Show your support and join one of our working groups to be a part of the creative teams prioritizing the health and wellness of our students and schools! Contact us at questions@ppsd.org for more information.


    • Physical Activity and Nutrition Working Group
      The Physical Activity and Nutrition Working Group is committed to supporting our students with nutritious school meals, and opportunities for physical activity and nutrition education so they are healthy and ready to learn.

      Our Past Accomplishments: significant and continuous improvements in school meals, professional development opportunities for educators, bilingual parent workshops on nutrition and physical activity

    • Healthy Relationships Working Group
      The Healthy Relationships Working Group works to improve the health of students, deliver exemplary sexual health education, and raise awareness and understanding about inclusivity, positive, violence-free relationships, and safe, supportive environments for all students and staff.

      Our past accomplishments: Healthy Relationships Resource Guide for Educators and Students, Wellness Policy amendment to include Healthy Relationships Education and Wellness Promotion.

    • Social Emotional Health Working Group
      The Social Emotional Health working group is dedicated to supporting the development and sustainment of social and emotional health and well being of Providence Public School students and families. We believe that improved social and emotional health helps students achieve their academic and human potential. We value and are committed to partnering with students, families, PPSD staff, community members, as well as local and state agencies. We believe that collaboration can lead to increased awareness and access to opportunities and services that foster and support social and emotional health and wellbeing.

      Our past accomplishments: Development of district-wide SEL posters, stickers and magnets, donation of books promoting SEL to all our elementary school libraries