• Customer Service Commitment


    The Providence Public School District believes that all community members, students, parents, staff and partners can be engaged as our customers at any given time. We are committed to ensuring that our internal and external interactions reflect and express the core values of our district turnaround plan: (1) Students First, (2) Equity and Access, (3) Transparency and (4) Results. The standards listed below embody those core values.


    Customer Service Standards and Guidelines


    Courtesy and Respect
    • All customers will be treated with respect, dignity and kindness.
    • Each staff member will work with a sense of urgency during all customer interactions.
    • Each staff member will maintain the customer’s confidentiality and privacy.
    • Each staff member will communicate in a professional and timely manner.
    Communication and Accessibility
    • Staff members will acknowledge and greet customers immediately upon their entrance into district schools or facilities.
    • Each staff member will ensure that information provided to customers is accurate and consistent, even if it requires a call back or an email follow-up.
    • Each staff member will utilize active listening techniques in all customer interactions.
    • All communications will be updated regularly to ensure accurate information is being provided.
    • Two-way communication will be prioritized to strengthen customer relations and support.
    • Staff members will use a variety of communication mediums in order to provide equitable access to information.
    • If the staff member notices that the customer speaks a language other than English, a bilingual staff member will be located if possible and asked to assist the customer.
    Professional, Cultural and Linguistic Responsiveness
    • Each staff member will personally assume the responsibility of assisting or connecting all customers to the appropriate person or department.
    • Responses will be timely.
    • Each staff member will return phone calls, emails messages and written requests within a 24-hour period. If a response cannot be provided in the allotted time, the customer will be notified and given an estimated time of response.
    Environment of Belonging
    • Each staff member is responsible for creating an inviting, community facing, culturally responsive environment in all district schools, departments and facilities.
    • Staff members should wear their identification badges at all times and be professionally dressed in appropriate attire for their job.
    • Signage at all district schools and facilities will be welcoming and clearly direct visitors to the main office.
    • Staff members are responsible for ensuring that the environment instills a sense of belonging for customers.
    Awareness and Continuous Improvement
    • Division leaders will create opportunities for staff to reflect and develop their capacity to deliver excellent customer service.
    • District and building leadership will create channels of two-way communication to receive feedback in order to improve.
    • PPSD will create a system of measuring the impact and quality of customer service in an effort to continuously improve.


    Adapted in part from the Osceola School Districts Customer Service Standards and Guidelines.

  • Let's Talk


    Let’s Talk! is a revolutionary customer service solution that allows the community to share opinions and ask questions 24 hours a day, seven days a week. It will help our district create positive, productive relationships with students, parents, teachers, employees and community residents — one conversation at a time!


    Let’s Talk! promotes honest conversations and drives action by facilitating an open dialogue between district leaders and our stakeholders. With Let’s Talk!, we can streamline communication, spot potential crises before they happen, and build stronger relationships with our entire community. Offering Let’s Talk! means we are committed to leading by listening.


    View our flyer >


    Link to the Let's Talk! user app. Families can download the app to their phone or submit a request right from our website.

    1. Apple App link or Play store link (Androids) Families will need to enter the district code to access the PPSD page. our Let's Talk! ID: PP2638

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