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State, City, and PPSD Host Celebratory Presentation of BrightStars 5-Star Rating Award to Kizirian Elementary Pre-K, Second in District

PROVIDENCE, RI – Rhode Island Department of Education (RIDE) Commissioner Angélica Infante-Green, Rhode Island Department of Human Services (DHS) Director Kimberly Merolla-Brito, and Mayor Brett Smiley, alongside representatives from the Providence Public School District (PPSD), and other elected officials held a celebratory presentation at Harry Kizirian Elementary School for the prestigious BrightStars 5-star rating award to the Harry Kizirian Elementary School Pre-Kindergarten (Pre-K) program. Amidst a gathering of educators, community leaders, and stakeholders, the Harry Kizirian Elementary Pre-K program was lauded for its outstanding commitment to early childhood education. 


Harry Kizirian Elementary Pre-K is the second school in the District to receive this star rating, following Young Woods Elementary, which recently received the first 5-star rating in the District. BrightStars is Rhode Island's Quality Rating and Improvement System for early learning and is managed by the Rhode Island Association for the Education of Young Children. This recognition highlights the outstanding efforts and unwavering dedication of the Kizirian Pre-K team and district Education Coordinators in providing exceptional Pre-K experiences for Providence children. The achievement highlights the program's excellence in creating a nurturing and stimulating environment for our young learners.


As a participating school in the State's free, high-quality RI Pre-K Program, Harry Kizirian Pre-K was also supported by the RIDE Early Childhood Team and the Center for Early Learning Professionals, which helps providers learn about best practices in early learning and apply them to the care children receive. In order to achieve a 5-star BrightStars rating, the Pre-K program at Harry Kizirian was assessed across many quality standards and criteria.  






"The BrightStars 5-star rating for the Harry Kizirian Pre-K program is a testament to Rhode Island’s exemplary efforts in early childhood education,” said RIDE Commissioner Angélica Infante-Green. “This achievement during the Turnaround of Providence Public Schools reflects our collective commitment to ensuring that our youngest learners receive the highest quality education to set them on a path to success. We are so proud of everyone who worked to make this possible. Congratulations!"  


“Attaining a five-star rating like we are celebrating today is no small feat. Through the robust program at the Harry Kizirian Elementary School, more children in Providence will have a great foundation for their ongoing academic journey,” said DHS Director Kimberly Merolla-Brito. “The dedicated efforts of the Kizirian staff is helping ensure children are receiving high-quality child care that is consistent with early childhood development best practices.”


“The achievement of the BrightStars 5-star rating by the Harry Kizirian Pre-K program is a testament to the dedication of our educators and the commitment of our city to provide the highest quality early education to our youngest learners,” said Mayor Brett P. Smiley. “Congratulations to the entire Kizirian Elementary community on this well-deserved honor.”


"Studies from Harvard show the first years of a child’s life are the period of the most rapid brain development and lay the foundation for all future learning. We are thrilled to celebrate Kizirian Pre-K program's achievement of the BrightStars 5-star rating,” said PPSD Superintendent Dr. Javier Montañez. “This recognition affirms our district's commitment to delivering exceptional Pre-K experiences that prepare our students for future success. Congratulations to the Kizirian Pre-K team and our district Ed Coordinators for their outstanding work."  


"As educators, we applaud the 5- Star BrightStars Pre-K designation for its commitment to excellence in early childhood education. This recognition not only celebrates the dedication of our teachers but also underscores the profound impact high-quality pre-K programs have on shaping the future of our children, " said PTU President Maribeth Calabro. “By achieving a BrightStars 5-star rating, the dedicated staff at Harry Kizirian Pre-K has improved access to high quality child care for our youngest learners. We hope that more families use these opportunities and that the District continues to strengthen their programs so that every child has the same opportunity to thrive in the classroom and beyond.” 


For more information on the state's RI Pre-K program which Harry Kizirian Elementary is a part of, please visit the RIDE RI Pre-K Page. For more information BrightStars, visit  or call 401-739-6100.