• Years of research and data have shown that an inspiring and informed teacher is the most important school-related factor influencing student achievement. Or as Edutopia, a national nonprofit dedicated to transforming K-12 education, recently put it: “Great teachers help create great students.” 


    This is why the Providence Public School District (PPSD) is dedicated to providing our educators with training and support to ensure professional growth. Fortunately, the feeling is mutual. Over the past year, educators have used multiple methods of feedback to express their desire for relevant and timely professional development opportunities. With this mutual desire for meaningful professional development, PPSD is excited to announce our 2022-2023 Teacher Academy. 


    This year’s Teacher Academy will occur from August 15th through August 19th with in-person and Zoom training experiences. Educators will have the opportunity to participate in various sessions with topics spanning numerous District departments. This year’s academy will offer over 100 sessions including but not limited to the following topics: social-emotional learning, instructional supports/strategies for multilingual learners, dual language programming, mathematics and literacy pedagogy, equity, and specialized instruction. 


    Pay and Professional Learning Units

    Teachers will earn $40/hour and Professional Learning Units (PLUs) for all sessions attended. In order to receive pay and PLUs, participants must complete an attendance and feedback survey at the completion of each session. 


    Professional Development Agreements

    In order to ensure an engaging and productive professional learning environment for all participants, please adhere to the norms in the chart to the right: 


    How to Sign Up

    Sessions will be live and available for sign-up in Frontline beginning August 1st through August 10th. Any sessions with fewer than 5 participants will be rescheduled and participants will receive an email notification with alternate session suggestions.

  • Virtual PD Reminders