• Providence School Department’s Truancy Officer


    • The SAO Truancy Officer is assigned to schools at the middle and high school level.  (Not all schools are covered by the SAO Truancy Officer).
    • The SAO Truancy Officer visits each assigned school on a weekly basis to collect  attendance forms called an A-8, consult with guidance counselors, members of School Attendance Teams, and the school administration regarding student truancy cases.  The SAO Truancy Officer meets with students.
    • The A-8 form identifies a student who has 10 or more cumulative absences. It also contains a student profile and the necessary documentation that the school has attempted to try to rectify the student unexcused absences.
    • The SAO Truancy Officer will contact the family by phone or will conduct home visits to determine the cause of student absences.
    • If the student is not attending school because of unjustified reasons, the SAO Truancy Officer will assist the family by providing intervention, community referrals, or RI family Court action.
    • If the family, school, and the SAO Truancy Officer cannot help get the student to return to school, then a truancy court petition is filed by the SAO Truancy Officer with RI Family Court. 


    Forms that are used by the school & SAO truancy officer

    1. The A-8 Attendance Form (Computerized from REG.)
    2. Registration Attendance History Detail Sheet from the Registration Information System listing specific days absent from school
    3. The RI Family Court Supplemental Court Form completed by school support staff that is necessary to file a truancy petition for court action.