Developmental Bilingual Program

  • Dual Language Program

    The Bilingual Dual Language Programs prepare students for college and career-readiness and grade-level proficiency in English and Spanish. They aim to develop bilingualism, biliteracy and multicultural competency. All students are encouraged to stay enrolled in the bilingual program through middle school, including Multilingual Learners who reach grade level proficiency in English.

    Providence Public Schools has bilingual programs include:



    Developmental Bilingual Program

    What is the Developmental Bilingual Program?

    Multilingual Learners are taught in English and Spanish. Instruction is scaffolded based on standards and language progression for each respective language. Elective periods are integrated with non Multilingual Learners.


    Eligible Students:

    • Grades K-5
    • Grades K-1: Multilingual Learners with Spanish listed as their home language
    • Grades 2-5: Multilingual Learners with Spanish listed as their home language and who are proficient in Spanish Literacy

    Language of Instruction:

    In Kindergarten, instruction is mostly delivered in the native language and 10% in English. By Grade 4, the language allocation should reach the target goal of 50% in English and 50% in Spanish, continuing on through grade 5.

    Program Location:

    • Sackett: Grades K-5 D’Abate: Grades K-5