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PPSD Offers New Classroom Boost Grants to Draw on Teacher Expertise

PPSD Cares PROVIDENCE, RI - Providence Public Schools will offer its teachers up to $100,000 total in small “Classroom Boost” grants to improve student learning and performance and build strong community culture. Funded through federal ESSER II stimulus funding, the grants must support one or more of the following strategies:


  • Encourage deeper learning in a subject area, with the goal of improving academic outcomes.
  • Honor cultural diversity in the classroom, with the goal of fostering inclusion and identity.
  • Embed social emotional learning into the school day, with the goal of building a culture of empathy, self-management and team building.

These goals are aligned with the ground-breaking work of the community-designed Turnaround Action Plan, which sets clear expectations for district transformation in the areas of Excellence in Learning, Engaged Communities and World-Class Talent.


Teachers may apply separately for grants up to $5,000 each or apply as a team of up to five teachers for grants up to $25,000. Funding requests must comply with spending guidelines for ESSER II funds and must receive principal sign-off as part of the submission process.


“Every day, the Providence Public School District relies on its teachers to identify student needs,” said Superintendent Harrison Peters. “That is why we decided to ask the experts directly what they need to boost performance and culture in their classrooms. The stimulus funds are a great way to make impactful changes on a grassroots level.”


“We are excited to offer these grants to equip teachers with resources to foster better classroom connection for students and improve outcomes,” said Education Commissioner Angélica Infante-Green. “Whether inviting a special speaker or engaging students in innovative projects, these funds will expand access to creative and enriching learning experiences that will help us tackle learning loss. I encourage teachers to apply and take advantage of this support.”


The deadline for teachers to apply is May 11. Grants will be awarded later this spring, with funding available beginning July 1. The grants are part of the new PPSD Cares initiative, which provides supports to students, families and employees in order to improve academic performance and remove barriers to success.


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