• PCTA Vision

    Vision:  PCTA vision is to become a national leader in career and technical education with a strong focus on transforming every classroom into a student-centered and vibrant place of inquiry for all students. We are committed to implementing the recommendations of the research on “How People Learn” to ensure that the technical and academic passion of every child is either created, sustained, or enhanced so that they can become career and college ready

  • PCTA Mission

    Mission: Providence Career and Technical Academy is a leading Career and Technical Education school with the mission of creating lifelong self-directed learners and critical thinkers. We deliver our instruction through a personalized learning environment that will provide each and every student with the technical, academic, social and emotional skills to be college and career ready.

  • PCTA Beliefs

    We believe we can reach our goal of creating lifelong self-directed learners and critical thinkers who are career and college ready, if we ensure every student who enters PCTA reaches the following 4 benchmarks:

    • Complete a three-year sequence in the CTE of their choosing with all required certificates.
    • Complete a college eligible course load
    • Have at least a 3.3 GPA
    • Receive at least a score of 1010 on the SAT.

      We also believe that our school should guarantee the presence of the following instructional elements for every student:

    1. Standards aligned and on-grade level assignments in every class and every day.
    2. Strong instruction (students are doing most of the thinking in every class and every day. Not the teacher.
    3. Deep engagement ( students are deeply involved in their learning by doing their work in every class and every day)
    4. High Expectations( there is an expectation of high quality work for all students)