• June 2023


    Hello students,


    This summer, all PCTA students will be completing summer learning activities in math, reading, and social studies. This will help you to prepare for the upcoming 2023-2024 school year.  The directions below will show you what you need to complete in each subject before school begins in September.  Submit your completed assignment to your teacher during the first week of school!


    Summer Math Assignments:

    All students will complete the following math review assignment on paper and submit it to their teacher: MATH SUMMER ASSIGNMENT


    Summer ELA Reading Assignments:

    Students enrolled in EEP courses: ELA EEP SUMMER ASSIGNMENT


    Students NOT enrolled in EEP courses: ELA SUMMER ASSIGNMENT


    Students may also read books from the Rhode Island Teen Book Award list.

    This list of books is HERE and check out the slide show below.  



    Summer Social Studies Assignment: (For students entering 9th, 10th, 12th Grades)


    Please find 3 credible news sources. One must have a US scope, one must have a World scope, and the last article must be relevant to your tech area


    • Please give a citation for each article (use the citation tool in Google docs- under Tools). Citations must be in Chicago format. 
    • Create a 4-6 sentence summary of each article’s main idea. 
    • Save this document in your Google Drive and you will attach it to a Google classroom assignment to submit when you return.