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    John Rosenwinkel

    Nathan Hoffman

    Manuela Hincapie Vidal

    This trade requires an in-depth knowledge of key scientific theories and principles that include electricity, metallurgy, physics, chemistry, and physics, as well as a strong understanding of arithmetic and geometry. The best welders have good hand-eye coordination and strong attention to detail. Students will learn four arc welding processes and three thermal cutting processes, as well as a variety of hand and power tools. Students will also learn the skills and tools for designing welded structures. Uniforms are provided, students will need to provide safety boots.

  • Local Collaborations:

    Electric Boat

    Certifications Earned:

    American Welding Society SENSE


  • Welding Students receive SkillsUSA RI awards.

  • Career Pathways  

    Direct Entry into the workforce:

    • Electric Boat Structural Welder  

    • Welding Apprenticeship Local Unions

    • Welding Supply Store Clerk 

    • Welder  business

    • Manufacturing Industry 


    Post-Secondary Associates Degree, Certificates and Licensure

    • Electric Boat RT Structural Welder 

    • Electric Boat Pipe Weld

    • Electric Boat RT Pipe Welder 

    • Electric Boat Nuclear Welder

    • Journeyman Welder

    • Welding Machine Repair Technician

    4 year + University Degree

    • Welding Engineer 

    • Mechanical Engineer


    Career Outlook