• Providence Career and Technical Academy

    FPTO: Family/Parent/Teacher Organization

    FPTO: Organización de familias / padres / maestros de PCTA


  • PCTA FPTO Informational Meeting 

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    Questions?  Contact Beth O'DAy Hall



  • Beth O'Day-Hall

    Culture Community Specialist

    401-456-0136 ext. 61211 office #

    401-232-4712 Google Voice



    Lisette Gutierrez

    Culture Community Specialist

    401-456-0136 ext. 61211 office #  

    Beth's and LIsette's role is to develop strategies to combat chronic absenteeism, support and engage with PCTA families and parents, strengthen students' sense of belonging and increase community engagement.  



    PCTA Assessment Calendar - List of all the school and state assessments for the 2022 - 2023 school year.

    PCTA School Bell Schedule - Daily bell times for each period of the week.


    • Mon., Wed., Thurs., Fri. Daily Schedule
    • Tuesday with Advisory Daily Schedule
    • 2-Hour Early Release Day Schedule
    • 1-Hour delay schedule

    PCTA Daily Rotating Schedule - A calendar of the A, B, C, D days


    Parent and Family Digital Learning Guide - Office of Educational Technology

    Your involvement in your child’s education can lead to better learning results and outcomes. This “Parent and Family Digital Learning Guide” will inform you, as a parent or caregiver, as you monitor your child’s progress as your child accesses and uses technology for learning. 

    This guide aims to help all parents and caregivers, including those who have limited experience with digital tools, those who are expert with these tools, and anywhere in between. Each section starts with foundational pieces and builds from there.


    Guía de aprendizaje digital para padres y familias - Oficina de tecnología educativa

    Su participación en la educación de su hijo puede conducir a mejores resultados y resultados de aprendizaje. Esta "Guía de aprendizaje digital para padres y familias" le informará, como padre o cuidador, a medida que supervisa el progreso de su hijo a medida que su hijo accede y utiliza la tecnología para aprender.

    Esta guía tiene como objetivo ayudar a todos los padres y cuidadores, incluidos aquellos que tienen experiencia limitada con herramientas digitales, aquellos que son expertos en estas herramientas y en cualquier otro lugar. Cada sección comienza con piezas fundamentales y se construye a partir de ahí.