Annalisa Marchesseault  - B.S, M.S.

    Amy Laven  - B.S., M.A.

    Our mission in Pre-Engineering is for all our students to successfully complete three consecutive Project Lead The Way curriculum courses, which is a curriculum designed to teach students about engineering technology, software design and computer integrated manufacturing.  Additionally, students will gain knowledge of the engineering design process while preparing for post-secondary education.  The engineering design process is a series of steps that engineers follow to find a solution to a problem. The steps include problem solving processes such as stating a problem, determining your objectives and constraints, analyzing, prototyping, testing and evaluation.


    Our vision is to promote professionalism, respect, and to continue to build upon each student’s 21st century skills.  21st Century skills include critical thinking, communication, collaboration, and creativity. We also hope to develop social skills, productivity, and leadership throughout our time at PCTA.  This will allow our students to be placed in internships and have job shadowing experiences, so they have a substantial knowledge of the engineering field before they continue their studies. 


  • Local Collaborations:

    ACE Mentoring


    Brown University Computer Science and Robotics Lab


    West Broadway Middle School




    Certifications Earned:

    OSHA 10 Construction/General Industry


    PLTW - Introduction to Engineering Design


    PLTW - Computer Integrated Manufacturing


    PLTW - Engineering Design and Development 

  • Career Pathways  


    Direct Entry into the workforce:

    • Drafter

    • Manufacturing Technician


    Post-Secondary Associates Degree, Certificates and Licensure

    • Manufacturer

    • Estimator

    • Field/Engineering Technician

    • CNC Programming

    • Materials Handling


    4 year + University Degree

    • Entry Level Engineer

    All types depend on degree. Some examples include but are not limited to Civil, Mechanical, Industrial, Chemical , Mechanical, Computer


    Career Outlook

    Job growth is expected to increase by 4 percent in the next 2 years.