• When does my child need a doctor’s excuse?

    Any injury that prohibits a student from functioning normally in the school setting must be medically addressed.

    Your child will need a note from his/her doctor to return to school if he/she has been injured in gym/sports/car accident, school accident, etc that requires further medical treatment.

    • If your child has an injured ankle and can’t walk, injured shoulder and can’t move it, etc. they must be seen by their doctor to rule out a fracture or injury that could be aggravated by school.
    • If they hit their head and are having headaches, or dizzy spells, they should be seen by the doctor to rule out a concussion, etc.
    • If your child is assigned an air cast boot, crutches or a wheelchair, they must have a note from the doctor stating it is ok to be in school with them.
    • If your child needs to use the elevator because of an injury, or asthma flare, they must have a note from the doctor.
    • If your child reports to the health office and appears injured, you will be asked to pick them up and have them evaluated by a doctor. A note from the physician will be required in order for your child to return to school.
    • For all injuries, a medical note is required to excuse your child from physical education. A note from the same physician is required to return your child to gym/sports activities.


    If you have any questions, please contact the School Nurse.