• Dismissal Due to Illness

    When a child becomes ill in school, the student will be referred to the School Nurse. In the event that the nurse is unavailable, the student will be referred to the Principal.

    Under no circumstances should a child use their cell phone to call or text a parent to come pick them up. Students who do this will not be dismissed. Please adhere to this policy.

    Students will only be released to adults who have been designated on the student’s EMERGENCY FORM, and the pick-up person must have a valid photo ID.

    A child will be dismissed if he/she:

    • Vomits
    • Has a temperature of 100.4 or greater
    • Has diarrhea
    • Has persistent abdominal discomfort
    • Has a persistent headache
    • Has persistent pain anywhere, with or without impaired mobility.
    • Has a severe cold, cough, sneezing, sore throat, or red watery eyes.
    • Has suspicious skin eruptions or rashes not readily identified. These should be considered contagious and will require a doctor’s note to return to school.
    • Has untreated pink eye/red crusting eye, until a note is presented from the physician that states the student has been treated for at least 24 hours and has been cleared to return to school.
    • Demonstrates any other condition rendering him/her unable to function and fully participate in school.


    Parents are expected to keep ill students at home. Students who come to school ill will be isolated from healthy children, which is particularly important to protect those students with chronic health conditions who may have serious outcomes if exposed.

    Parents are expected to pick up or send a designated pickup person for ill children when contacted by the School Nurse or Administration.