• Nathanael Greene Middle School serves approximately 1,000 general education students and English learners in grades 6-8, with each grade divided into smaller learning communities named after local colleges and universities. The school employs an advisory model to offer personalized learning experiences geared toward college and career readiness in grades 6-8. Additionally, the school offers an Advanced Academics program; admission to the program is on an application basis. Greene hosts a number of after-school programs and an emerging CTE/STEM program with a focus in technology, computer science and robotics. Greene has a Dean of school culture to help liaise between the community and students. Special education inclusion, self-contained and self-contained hybrid programs are offered.

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  • Welcome to Nathanael Greene Middle School! 

    Here at Nathanael Greene Middle School, we are committed to excellence in education. We feel that it is vital to show enthusiasm for learning and hope that children want to attend school for academics as well as social and emotional development.  Research shows the correlation between student attendance and academic performance. We agree with that notion and want to ensure that Every Student is in school, On Time,  Everyday!  We encourage you to support us by helping to communicate that concept to our students at home.

     Nathanael Greene is a grade six through eight school located in the city of Providence, Rhode Island. Over one thousand children participate in a rigorous academic program and a variety of extra-curricular activities.  We also have an English Language Learner Program (ELL) for students who are speakers of another language other than English.

    As with any school, we place a strong emphasis on academics and college and career readiness.  However, we also want our school to be a place where students learn social skills that will support their age appropriate development. This will allow students to work through their problems, learn how to relate to and communicate with peers and adults; as well as establish true  friendships.  We want our students to be problem solvers, creative thinkers and be able to advocate for themselves as well as to show empathy for others.

    Perhaps one of the most important experiences students have in our school is sharing common academic learning with a diverse student body and interactions with supportive educators from varying backgrounds.  The middle school experience provides an environment that will help our students transition from elementary to high school. As educators, we know we can help students celebrate their personal successes and academic growth.   We want Nathanael Greene Middle School to be recognized as a school that prides itself on serving students academically, emotionally and socially.  At Greene… We strive to be Great on Purpose!  Join us!


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