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    As the largest municipal department within the City of Providence, accounting for approximately half of the City's operating budget, PPSD employs 3,000+ individuals who support our many schools. Approximately 2,000 PPSD employees are educators, and more than 600 others directly support students in our schools. Additional staff members support students through a variety of roles, such as bus monitors and crossing guards, as well as central office administrators and staff who oversee PPSD functions, including facilities and operations, human resources, academics, finance and purchasing, and information technology.

  • PPSD Hiring Process


    2020-2023 Contract




    1033 Union B.E.S.T. 1033 Union MOU
    1033 Union School Safety Officers PTU Long-Term Substitutes in Pool
    1033 Union Teacher Assistants 1339 Union Clerical Staff


    Salary Determination for PTU Teachers

    All PTU members will be placed at the appropriate grade and step based on review of official transcripts and completed outside service forms.

    Grade Placement:

    • Bachelor’s + 30 Hours $2,955
    • Master’s $3,355
    • Master’s + 30 $3,757
    • Doctorate $4,157

    Step Placement:

    • Outside Service (Teachers & School-based experience): PPSD issues outside service credit for any employee who has worked at least 135 days as a licensed, full-time educator in another district in one school year. Please send your former employer the official PPSD outside service form and then have it scanned and emailed back to PPSDjobs@ppsd.org.
    • Outside Service (Not school-based experience): PPSD issues outside service credit for Psychologists, School Counselors, Social Workers, Speech Language Pathologists, and Nurses who have worked as a licensed, full-time professional in their field. Please retrieve a letter from your previous employer with the following information: start date, end date, position, and confirmation that the position required the relevant license. You can send that letter to PPSDjobs@ppsd.org.
    • Inside Service: If a former employee returns to the PTU, they will receive credit for past certified experience, inclusive of LTS (long term sub certified) employment, if they had previously worked a full calendar year.



    Benefits for Providence Teachers Union (PTU) Members


    Providence Public Schools provides dental and eye care services for all teachers and union members. For more information on the services, visit the Providence Teacher Union benefits packets here. To enroll, complete the appropriate forms and return to the Benefits Office at Benefits@ppsd.org.

    Deadline: You have 30 days from your effective date to enroll in health benefits. If you fail to enroll, you must wait until open enrollment to enroll, typically in the spring, or with a qualifying life event.

    Coverage: Coverage begins the first day of the month following your hire date (if hired 3/2, your effective date would be 4/1; if hired 4/1, your effective date is 5/1)

    Coordination of Benefits: Please take note of the Coordination of Benefits (COB) provision which applies to employees who have working spouses or qualified ex-spouses who have access to health coverage through his/her employer.


    Application Process


    All available positions for PPSD staff are listed on GovernmentJobs.com. 



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