• Art Teacher Fogarty

    Becoming a Teacher

    We know there is no one-size fits all when it comes to being great teacher.

    Whether you are a local community member inspired to teach, a recent college graduate ready to begin a challenging but rewarding career, or an experienced educator looking for a transitions, we have resources to support you through the process.


    MLK Elementary School


    Come jump start your teaching career in Providence with a training program that best fits your needs. We offer teacher licensure pathways for people of all backgrounds and levels of experience, especially those who reflect and celebrate the racial, cultural and linguistic diversity of our students.



    Guidance Teacher


    Learn more about different teaching licenses to figure out what path makes sense for you.


    TFA Non-Certified Educators

     Not sure where to begin? Well then, join TFA for an info session where staff members will discuss training & support, the certification process, the hiring process, and misconceptions. NOTE: session is for any educator or parent in a district that partners with Teach For America who is looking for full initial certification in the State of Rhode Island