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    World Class Talent in Providence Public Schools

    Fogarty Elementary









    Gilbert Stuart


    The Providence Public Schools Department (PPSD) is committed to supporting, developing, and enriching the lives of all children through world-class teaching in a culturally and linguistically diverse district.

    We partner with community stakeholders, families, and students to develop the skills, knowledge, and character necessary to succeed in their post-secondary careers, college experiences, and life.

    The Office of Human Resources is responsible for ensuring that world-class talent educates our students and that qualified school leaders feel supported. In the PPSD, we tailor instruction to meet the individual needs of every student. Together, we are:

    • Supporting and empowering teachers and school leadership
    • Learning from our high-performing schools and leaders to apply to underperforming schools
    • Growing our partnerships with parents, students, and the community
    • Redesigning district operations for effectiveness, efficiency, and equity


    Fogarty Elementary


    The Providence Public Schools Department (PPSD) is committed to increasing access and removing opportunity gaps so that all students meet academic standards and achieve proficiency.

    The district is dedicated to actively closing the opportunity and achievement gaps that exist and persist among students of various:
    • Races and ethnicities
    • Abilities and neurodiversity (general education, special education, and programs for Multilanguage Language Learners)
    • Socio-economic backgrounds
    • Genders

    We expect that all stakeholders in the PPSD community, including teachers, paraprofessionals, principals, central and school staff, and our partners, have:

    • An awareness and understanding of these gaps;
    • A conviction that these gaps can be closed; and
    • A personal responsibility in closing them.


    Early Childhood at Young Woods Elementary


    Early childhood education is pivotal to long-term academic success. We intentionally focus resources and attention on improving access to early childhood programs for all students and families, such as free, high-quality pre-kindergarten.

    We are committed to providing all children with a strong and early start to their education journey. Through free and equitable access to early education, we expect that all children will become self-motivated learners and will be able to read, write and communicate effectively by third grade, closing the achievement gap.