• PPSD Student

    Positions at PPSD

    Many roles help the Providence Public Schools support the learning of our students. We are committed to hiring highly qualified, dedicated and diverse employees to help educate our children.

  • Teaching Roles


    Teachers are committed to the vision of high expectations for achievement, equal access to high levels of instruction, the achievement of academic proficiency for all students, and the closing of the achievement gap among subgroups within schools. PPSD schools are diverse learning communities. Approximately 68% of our students are Latinx, 15% Black, 6.5% White, 4% Asian, 5.5% Multi-racial and 1% Native American. Approximately 31% of students are multilingual learners, and about 16% of students receive special education services. Approximately 55% of students come from homes where English is not the primary language spoken. Combined, our students and families speak 55 different languages and hail from 91 countries of origin.


    Providence School's teacher assistants provide behavior support to students with severe behavioral and emotional challenges and assist the classroom teacher and school staff in the area of general behavior management.


    The substitute teacher provides an atmosphere and environment conducive to the intellectual, physical, social and emotional development of individuals to ensure success for every student. Substitutes supervise students in a variety of school-related settings, monitor and evaluate student outcomes, and communicate and interact with students, parents and staff. They also develop, select and modify instructional plans and materials to meet the needs of all students.


    Providence Schools welcomes and encourages the valuable contributions made through the volunteer assistance and engagement of family and community members. The support and involvement of Providence families and community members is vital to our students’ success. Increasing volunteer opportunities and other types of school-based engagement and clarifying the volunteer engagement process will encourage more individuals to become involved with the District.

  • School Leadership Roles


    School Leadership teams are responsible for ensuring high quality instruction and a supportive learning environment for all students in the Providence School Department. School leadership opportunities include Principals, Assistant Principals, and Directors of Operations.

  • Non-Instructional Roles


    Paraprofessionals are an incredible resource at Providence School Department, working directly with students of all abilities to support teaching. Classroom Paraprofessionals, Certified Occupational Therapy Assistants (COTA), Physical Therapists, and Health Paraprofessionals, all help to support teaching and learning within our schools.


    School counselors help students to understand their aptitudes, capabilities, and limitations in making personal decisions, educational plans and occupational choices. They inspire, explore and encourage advanced placement and support social emotional development by removing barriers to academic success.


    The School Clerk in the Elem./Mid./High School assists in the daily functions of the Main Office and works closely with the main office staff. This position will have complete knowledge of all aspects of school policy and procedures as they pertain to students, parents, staff and principal. Individual tasks, if at all varied, are assigned in detail and specific instructions are given as to the manner of performance; work is carefully checked by supervisors both in process and in final form for completeness and accuracy.


    Bus Monitors provide child pedestrian safety by facilitating safe passage of school children across high traffic streets and intersections. It also entitles you to take attendance on a daily basis and to communicate with parents any concerns. This position requires serious commitment to being a Bus Monitor on a bus each school day before and after school hours.

    Crossing Guards provide child pedestrian safety by facilitating safe passage of school children across high traffic streets and intersections. This position requires serious commitment to being at the Crossing Guard post/corner on each school day, before and after school hours.


    School nurses identify, evaluate and participate in correcting physical, instructional, emotional, perceptual and developmental problems that interfere with learning in order to help students reach their full potential.