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    Apply to PPSD

    Are you ready to join a group of dedicated, passionate, and fierce champions, committed to providing our students with the best education?

      1. Submit an application. Go to Providence Public Schools’ GovernmentJobs homepage. You can find open positions by entering search terms into the search bar, by using the "sort" or "filter" functions, and apply for those that are right for you.

      2. Applications are reviewed. Each school/department hiring committee will review applications for their posted positions.

      3. Interviews are scheduled and conducted. Each school/department hiring committee will conduct interviews. Teacher candidates may be asked to provide a sample lesson demonstration.

      4. Hiring manager recommends a candidate. The Office of Human Resources checks qualifications and then the offer is sent to the candidate.

      5. Offer is accepted by the candidate. Other applicants for the position will be notified via email when a position has been filled.

      6. The Office of Human Resources sends a welcome and onboarding email. This includes paperwork to complete, information on running background checks, and more.

    Note: GovernmentJobs has a dedicated Candidate Support Hotline, designed to help candidates access their accounts and otherwise troubleshoot problems they may be having. The number is: 855-524-5627.

    Alternatively, you can email support@governmentjobs.com if you need assistance with your online applicant account. Applicant Support is available between 6 a.m. and 5 p.m. Pacific Time, Monday through Friday.

  • Timeline

  • Recruitment Events Begin!

    October: Recruitment Events Begin!

    The Recruitment team will host events for potential applicants to connect with PPSD. Please see our events page for information on those events and to register. It is highly recommended that you apply to open positions and/or our Early Hiring Pool(s) before attending these events.


    December: The District-Wide Early Contract Hiring Pool. (Apply Now!)

    The District-Wide Early Hiring Pools are a general application for teachers who are looking to serve in high-need areas. By submitting your application to the district-wide posting(s), you have the opportunity to participate in a pre-screen phone interview and to receive an early contract, which includes bonuses. School leaders will have early access to the candidates in this pool, enabling them to reach out to interested candidates prior to the official district posting of jobs in early March. By applying for this position, you are demonstrating a commitment to PPSD and its students, and your application materials will be available to all school leaders who have openings for the upcoming school year. In addition to applying to the Early Hiring Pool(s), we also recommend that you apply to at least 8-10 school-based positions once they are posted in early March. In this way, the opportunity for an in-person interview is greater.

    Job postings go live

    March 6: Teacher job postings go live.

    Jobs are posted and applications can be submitted for positions for the following school year. Please note that there will still be postings for the current school year’s positions that have yet to be filled, and that positions will continue to be posted as vacancies arise.

    Hiring Process

    March-July: Hiring process is conducted by school/department hiring committees.

    School Hiring Committees will schedule interviews with applicants for their positions and school leaders will make the ultimate decision on candidate selection. The Office of Human Resource’s goal is for all hiring to be done by July 1.


    • Read over the job application in its entirety and follow the instructions.

    • Take your time. Rushed applications are not always personalized and can contain errors or omit important details.

    • Be strategic. Your resume isn't a list of everything you've ever done – highlight your most recent roles and relevancy to the position you’re applying for.

        • Keep it consistent. No matter what formatting choice you make, maintain editorial consistency by using that format throughout the document.

        • Keep your resume visually balanced

        • Use a professional name and email address

        • Upload a PDF version of your resume

    • Though people may feel it’s a time of the past, you should always include a cover letter tailored to the job and professional references who wish to be contacted.