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    Employee Referral Program

    PPSD is committed to hiring the highest quality team members that represent the students and communities we serve.  We are looking for teachers, specialized service providers, district and school-based leaders. We want to make it easy for you to share opportunities and information with your networks – and to reward you for doing so!

  • How does the program work?

    Providence Public Schools will pay a $500 referral bonus to any current employee who refers a permanent teacher candidate in a high-need area (math, science, special education, dual language/bilingual, school psychology, or speech language pathology) or a Principal or Assistant Principal candidate that is subsequently employed within the school system, full-time, as a result of that introduction provided all of the terms of this policy are met. 

    Simply refer a friend or former colleague and if the person you refer is hired, you will receive a $500 for each referral.*

    This program applies to the current or upcoming school year and there is no cap on the number of referral bonuses that one can receive - we want to reward you for finding us as many great people as possible!

    The bonus will be paid in one lump sum in the referring employee’s paycheck, 6 months following the referral’s first day of work in PPSD.   

    What steps must be taken in order to qualify for the referral bonus?

    1. Tell the referral to list your name on the job application when they apply (this step MUST be completed).
    2. Complete the information on the online referral form, including the referral’s name, contact information, an explanation as to how you know them, and why you think they’d be a good fit with PPSD.

    Which positions are available?

    For a list of current vacancies across the district, please view our Current Opportunities.

    Are all employees eligible?

    An eligible employee may refer a qualified candidate for any open position within PPSD. Current or former employees do not qualify as eligible candidates for referral. This referral bonus does not apply to individuals who are normally responsible for recruiting and hiring functions, including, but not limited to the following employees:

    • Members of the Human Resources Team
    • School Leaders (Principal, Assistant Principal level staff, Director of Operations)
    • Centrally-Based Team Leaders
    • Temporary Employees
    • Contract Employees
    • Board Members


    * Find additional terms for the employee referral bonus program here.