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    Course Selections - Opening Soon.

    Course Selection is a simple 3 Step Process.     *Read steps carefully.



    Find your Course Request Worksheet for your current grade by clicking HERE                         


    If your current Grade is:

    Download and Print this Sheet   ê  


    9th grade Course Requests Sheet


    10th grade Course Requests Sheet


    11th Grade Course Requests Sheet


    12th Grade Course Requests Sheet





    • Read through the list of available courses. Think about the courses you would like to take, and circle the course # in left column.
    • You must only choose 6 credits to fill your schedule.

    Note: It’s important that you think about choosing AP courses if you don’t have a “B” or better in your current classes. 



    • Find the “Course Selection Worksheet” at the bottom of the page.
    • Complete the Worksheet by adding the appropriate course numbers in the spaces provided.

    Note: Some of the spaces are already completed for you as required courses. 


    9th Grade – Box E


    10th Grade – Box E


    11th Grade – Box F


    12th Grade – Box D



    • Go to the Google Form using the web address or QR code below.   
    • Complete the Google Form as necessary to select your classes for next year.


    24-25 Course Requests Form





     To Add and Drop Classes, please click here.