• This site will include information for students and families to participate in the Hybrid In-Person/Distance Learning return to school model at Classical.  As updates become available they will be posted here.



    • Expectations for Distance Learning here
    • Teacher Google Classroom Join Codes
      • An Invitation has been sent to your providenceschools.org Gmail account
      • Your account is your student ID#@providenceschools.org
        • ex. s888888@providenceschools.org
        • The default password is school21
      • If you need help, please ask you teacher or call the school


    A/B Day Overview

    • On September 14th
      • Grade 9 Students in Cohort "A" will return for In Person Learning
      • Grade 9 Students in Cohort "A" will receive thier school-issued Chromebook
      • Grade 9 Students in Cohort "B" will participate in Distance Learning as they are able
      • Grades 10-12 Students will participate in Distance Learning
    • On September 15th
      • Grade 9 Students in Cohort "A" will particpate in Distance Learning
      • Grade 9 Students in Cohort "B" will receive thier school-issued Chromebook
    • A letter explaining A/B Alternating Schedule Information here
    • Additional reopening dates and a more detailed explanation can be found here


    Important Forms

    • Please help us collect the important beginning of year forms
    • You can find them in the Forms tab located in the top banner or here


    Guidance & Counseling

    • Office Hours are 7:35-3:00 If there is a medical or social/emotional emergency outside of these times please call 911
    Louis Toro, Director 
    Ann Cedergren, Counselor 
    Scott Harding, Counselor
    Guilia Simeone, Counselor
    Peter Verrecchia, Counselor

    Nurse, Special Education Resource, Student Assistance and Support

    • Please reach out if you are in need of support
    • Office Hours are  7:35-2:15 If there is a medical or social/emotional emergency outside of these times please call 911
    Sarah Larson, School Nurse
    Sam Gee, Special Educator
    Sabrina Mazzilli, Student Assistance
    Niki Best LMHC


    Technology Support 

    • A copy of our Device Take Home Policy can be found here
    • For Chromebook Support
      • Talk with your Teacher
      • Email: help@ppsd.org
      • Call: 401-456-9142
    • How to use Google Classroom for students here and here
    • How to use Zoom for Students here


    Teacher Resource Page here