• One of the Top High Schools in the Country

    Classical High School integrates a rich and challenging program of study in the arts, sciences, languages and humanities. In addition, Classical incorporates a wide variety of extracurricular activities that include academic competitions, content-specific field trip experiences, athletic programs and sports events, art presentations, theatre productions, music groups/shows and many diverse student clubs and organizations. Classical’s faculty and administration are committed to a continuous effort to improve and enhance academic programs and to promote and support high academic expectations for each student. As a result, Classical High School continues to rank as one of the highest performing public high schools nationwide and its graduates go on to attend many of the top and most prestigious colleges and universities in the country.


    Mission Statement

    Classical High School, a demanding college preparatory examination school, serves a diverse community and provides its students with the means to achieve high standards in a rigorous learning environment.  Classical encourages its students to pursue academic, athletic, artistic and personal growth so that they will experience success in colleges and universities, and will demonstrate excellence and leadership within the global and local community.


    Core Beliefs and Values

    We believe that our school honors the dignity of all through high expectations, humility and grace.  Further, we believe that:

      • rigorous standards and expectations are necessary to create the ideal learning environment.
      • all students must have equal access to all educational opportunities and that with the right support, all students can achieve at high levels.
      • students must learn in a safe and nurturing educational community reflecting the involvement of students, parents, stakeholders and staff.
      • education in a culturally, socially, and economically diverse environment enriches learning, builds community and opens the minds and hearts of people.
      • in order to achieve their full potential, all members of our community must be valued as unique individuals with cognitive, physical, social, emotional, and spiritual needs.
      • learning is an active, collaborative and  evolving process where personal responsibility is essential to ongoing growth and development.
      • our school must be flexible and accountable to its learning community and committed to a process of self-evaluation, reflection and change.


    What it means to be a Classicalite | The 4Cs of Classical


    Community of Learners

      • Demonstrate respect for ourselves, others, and our school
      • Engage in intellectual pursuits with a growth mindset 
      • Contribute meaningfully to our city and our society
      • Work together to achieve goals 

    Cultural Amabssadors

      • Establish a safe and welcoming environment
      • Develop self and social awareness
      • Value diversity and equity
      • Honor all cultures and promote inclusivity 

    Critical Thinkers

      • Analyze, evaluate, and synthesize information
      • Apply learning and creativity to solve problems 
      • Make connections across content areas
      • Explore new ideas and innovate

    Conscientious Communicators

      • Engage in active reading and analysis
      • Listen to understand and thoughtfully respond
      • Share ideas through speaking, writing, and creating
      • Use our voices and choices to make a positive impact