• Expectations for Distance Learning Days at Classical 

    • Just like our in-school classrooms, each on-line classroom will establish collaborative norms based on our shared Beliefs and Values and Learning Expectations (see below)
    • We all are expected to behave in a school appropriate manner at all times
    • Teachers will be prepared and ready for students with lessons through Google Classroom, Zoom, etc.
    • Students are expected to be in class and complete assignments as directed by teachers
    • School Administration and Counselors will be available to offer remote support as needed
    • Frustration is expected the first few days . . . be gentle with each other
    • As we all move forward, we must be flexible . . . we will get through this together




    Core Beliefs and Values

    We believe that our school honors the dignity of all through high expectations, humility and grace.  Further, we believe that: 

    • rigorous standards and expectations are necessary to create the ideal learning environment.
    • all students must have equal access to all educational opportunities and that with the right support, all students can achieve at high levels.
    • students must learn in a safe and nurturing educational community reflecting the involvement of students, parents, stakeholders and staff.
    • education in a culturally, socially, and economically diverse environment enriches learning, builds community and opens the minds and hearts of people.
    • in order to achieve their full potential, all members of our community must be valued as unique individuals with cognitive, physical, social, emotional, and spiritual needs.
    • learning is an active, collaborative and evolving process where personal responsibility is essential to ongoing growth and development.
    • our school must be flexible and accountable to its learning community and committed to a process of self-evaluation, reflection and change.


    Academic Learning Expectations

    • Communication
      • Students will read widely and critically understanding a variety of texts.
      • Students will write and speak effectively with clarity and purpose in English and other languages.
    •  Problem Solving
      • Students will utilize a variety of methods and resources to reason and think critically.
      • Students will creatively solve problems by acquiring and applying new knowledge and skills.
    •  Technology
      • Students will apply a variety of technology skills and tools to access information, analyze data, and communicate ideas and information.
    • Arts and Culture
      • Students will engage in and demonstrate an awareness of how elements of the arts and culture communicate values and perspectives of various social, political and economic systems.

    Social and Civic Learning Expectations

    • Responsibility
      • Students will be respectful, knowledgeable, healthy, and ethical members of the school and the community by utilizing effective personal management, decision making and social skills.
      • Students will be responsible for their growth by developing personal learning goals as well as exploring a variety of post secondary pathways of interest.
    •  Community
      • Students will be flexible and collaborative learners able to work in and appreciate diverse groups, environments and situations.
      • Students will engage in and make positive contributions to their school, local, national and/or global community.