• Restorative Practices

    360 is committed to creating a caring, safe and encouraging environment for our youth. We emphasize both proactive and reactive approaches to discipline. Proactive approaches are designed to help create clear and consistent routines and procedures that set students up to be successful, while reactive approaches enable us to respond to rule-breaking in a way that fosters self-reflection and guide students in learning alternative behaviors.  

    Our proactive approach focuses on taking the time to intentionally create a positive school culture and learning community. Creating a positive classroom culture within every classroom through implementing consistent routines and procedures is paramount to proactive discipline and classroom management.

    At 360, we do not believe reactive discipline is a “one size fits all” approach. 360 is committed to using Logical Consequences and Restorative Practices as reactive approaches for rule-breaking. Rather than generally assigning a specific consequence to a specific act, Learning Facilitators, our Restorative Practices Team and administration will determine consequences and approaches to restoring our community after careful consideration of all of the circumstances.

     Prácticas Restaurativas

    360 se compromete a crear un ambiente seguro para nuestros estudiantes. Nuestro enfoque es proactivo y reactivo para la disciplina. Los enfoques proactivos están diseñados para ayudar a crear rutinas y procedimientos claros y consistentes que ayudan a los estudiantes tener èxito. Mientras que los enfoques reactivos nos premiten responder a las reglas de una manera que auyda la auto-reflexión y guíe a los estudiantes en el aprendizaje de comportamientos alternativos. 

    Nuestro enfoque proactivo se centra en tomar el tiempo para crear intencionalmente una cultura escolar positiva y una comunidad de aprendizaje. La creación de una cultura positiva en cada aula es importante para la disciplina proactiva. 

    En la escuela 360 nos comprometemos a utilizar las consecuencias lógicas y las prácticas restaurativas como enfoque en cada situación de disciplina.