• Hub

    360 Hub is the HEART of 360 High School. It’s more than advisory. Our goal is to have 360 Hub serve as a close-knit, caring community within our larger positive school community. Hub emphasizes academic and social/emotional development and cultivates a sense of belonging through carefully designed activities and strong, trusting relationships between each student and their Hub Leader.

    360 Hub is not study hall or down time. It is time allocated specifically for Hub Leaders to engage our youth in a successful collaborative experience by focusing on academic and positive youth development.  

    Hub Leaders are responsible for facilitating activities and supporting advisees during and beyond the daily Hub period in five main areas:

    • Academic Advising
    • Advocacy & Support
    • Community & Family Engagement
    • Leadership Development
    • Positive Culture Building


    Town Hall

    During Town Halls, we gather as a community to share announcements, celebrate student and staff accomplishments, hear from guest speakers, participate in design challenges, and more.

    In the 2018-2019 year, our all-school Town Halls will be student-led and will include community-building events such as a Gingerbread House-Building Competition and Spelling Bee.  Our grade-level Town Halls will focus on academic advising topics such as preparing for Student-Led Conferences, Exhibition planning, and college readiness.


    Gingerbread Building Competition